student reviews

Short student reviews and comments about Kate’s teaching:

“I am just starting out with Kate, I find her class to be, not only helpful to my overall wellbeing, but also very relaxing and very peaceful!I look forward to her class each week, and hope to continue to improve in movement, body strength,and balance.                           Thank you Kate,”                                                                                                                       Patricia T. 2016

Hi Kate,  just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your class every week. You are a fantastic teacher and I always learn something new. Your classes are challenging yet doable due to your encouragement, detailed instructions and demonstrations. I know everyone in the class feels as I do and we are so grateful and lucky to have you in our lives.”  Holly, June 2015

“Meeting Kate has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Not only is she very experienced Iyenger yoga teacher, she is very warm and patient, too. With my medical condition, I have a lot of issues, but I feel very comfortable and well looked-after in her classes.”  Rie, November 2014

“Kate Graham is a miracle worker. Her experience and intuition gives her laser focus on one’s body. She is guiding me through recovery from brain surgery and is helping me undo a lifetime of rib issues. She has also loosened a lot of my mental rigidity.”  Hilary, November 2104

 “I’ve been studying with Kate for 15 years. She is a gifted teacher. She gives clear instruction and treats each student as an individual. Every class new and fresh. Brings the intelligence and fullness of yoga to her teaching.” Beth , November 2014